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Texas Natural Guard
Carl K Byrd  VISA 4784 9981 0230 4960   exp 06/18 

Texas Natural Guard Clients  and  CARL  BYRD  Companies
Here is two of Carl Byrd apartment complexes listed below. 
Oxford Place Apartments                        Settegast Heights Village



605 Berry Road  Houston, Tx.77022        7373 N. Wayside Houston,Tx.77028


Wheeler      Church                             
Williams  Temple                                          
Fair Haven Church                                            


"The staff at Texas Natural Guard have not only effectively managed our court cases, they have also kept us tuned in to Family business, and family affairs.  Carl Byrd bank rolled Whitney Houston many years ago to open up some banks to cash extra large checks in the state of Texas.  TNG also placed the Bobbie Katrina story online for internet users to see at a prolonged period of time even after the news media has dropped the story.  We want families to keep in touch, so sign in with us today on the Services page above
Texas Natural Guard takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
"The staff at Texas Natural Guard have not only effectively managed our cases with a balance of good judgement and cost efficiency, but more importantly, they understand our complex industry and know our process. Texas Natural Guard is a better business partner because they really know our industry's challenges and our needs." – MAJOR FORESIGHT
Carl Byrd has invested his own personal money into churches, Bands, Musical Groups, Oil Companies, Apartment complexes, and other adventures since 1969, when he became the first teenage millionaire of Allen Parkway Village in Houston, Texas's 4th Ward community.
The Hollywood movie "Jason's Lyric" features an original song written by songwriter Carl Kenneth Byrd,  called  "Weed Stick" performed and recorded "live" at Dyersdale Apartments by Family Affair Bands in the Lakewood community of Houston, Texas in 1979. 
Songwriter Carl Kenneth Byrd wrote the the song "Byrd Empire System" in 1979 and it was recorded by Family Affair Bands in Houston, Texas and used for the music background for the movie credits of the Hollywood box office hit "Predator" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger"
Actor Robert Downey Jr. borrowed $1,000,000.00 from millionaire Carl Kenneth Byrd in 1992 and invested it in the Hollywood production of the box office hit "IRON MAN"
The Boondocks Cartoon: A Pimp Named Slick Back
Close friends of Carl Kenneth Byrd are Actress Kate Winslet,  and actor Leonardo Dicaprio of the Hollywood movie "The TITANIC" 
Debra from Budget Dollar Store at Main street and Walker.  She is heavy set and brown skinned negroe woman that usually says "That's my baby's daddy" when she sees Carl Byrd downtown walking by.  She has 2 large checks that belong to Carl Byrd.  Debra was asked to cash a $10,000.00 check at the Budget Dollar store many years ago in good faith.  At the same time she acquired another large check from Carl Byrd at gunpoint for the amount of $100,000.00 claiming that she just had to have that one too to cash!  Carl had waklked upon Debra in the Budget Dollar Store one night.  She was acting like she was shoplifting.  So he approached her and told her not to do that sort of thing.  Carl said that I had an investment in this store with the lady cook whom is missing nowadays.  Debra knew whom she was and then said that she was an employee of the Budget Store too.  Although Debra claimed a profit of $300,000.00 in the Budget Store, she has not given Carl his $110,000.00 back yet to this day in June 2015!  Does she want to go to court or go to jail?  Lord help her!
77 Abundance Affirmations of Success
​The Just A Dollar Store rip-off story is on this page below.  Call Crime Stoppers if you can see Debra inside the store at Main Street and Walker 
Millionaire Bootcamp For Book Authors 
Four New United Song Books are being produced by Songwriter Carl Kenneth Byrd.  They are:1.Songs By Carl Byrd       2.United Song Book                                  
 3.Books Of The 7th Thunder     4.Queen's Knight Song Book
All four song books will be available on USB Flashdrives sold 
worldwide in March 2016.  Also a song about tv show hostess 
Wendy Williams will be included in the songbooks by Sir Carl Kenneth Byrd
Sir Carl Kenneth Byrd wrote songs for Prince and the Revolution that boost them into muti-millionaire status...... Just like he did for Destiny's Child and Beyounce'!
The Just A Dollar Store Rip-off!
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Oxford Place Apartments                                                                                    Settegast Heights Village Apartments
605 Berry Road                                                                                                  7373 North  Wayside 
Houston, Texas  770022                                                                                      Houston, TexaS  77028