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Texas Natural Guard
Carl K Byrd  VISA 4784 9981 0230 4960   exp 06/18 

Texas Natural Guard @ Houston, Texas       Louisiana Natural Guard @ Lake Charles,  Kinder, and Marksville, La.

$40,000,000.00 HCPC Lawsuit involves Whoopie Goldberg, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Becky Wordly, Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull, Tom Selleck, Joe Selleck alias Reginald Byrd and others in an attempt to assainate 2nd iN Command in1987 in Houston, Texas.  An Additional $20,000,000.00 lawsuit will follow for the same attempt by Angelbirto Rodriguez's house theif gang, and HCPC entrapment staff on North Mc Gregor.
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House Stealing Gang has a Civil Court Judge in their corner, 
named Lynn Bradshaw-Hull, and she has negroe child traffic slaves!
In the year 2010 a person named Betty Abernathy pictured below on the left  was caught breaking into Carl Byrd's Home at 3909 Lowden Street in Houston, Texas in the Sunnyside community.  He thought that she had come to pick up the clothes and posessions of the deceased Evelyn Thompson , whom had rented a room there.  However the person named Betty stayed on saying that she was Evelyn's mother, and had no where to go, and no other relatives near by. The deceased Evelyn Thompson had rented a room there since 1992 from Carl's great aunt...the owner Mrs. Estella Pittman Brown. Evelyn rented a room there because she had a confrontation with Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull at the mailbox of Carl Byrd's Timbers of Deerbrook apartment on FM1960 Bypass in1992, whereby Miss Lynn wrestled Evelyn down to the ground and took 2 very large checks from Evelyn Thompson that belonged to Carl Byrd including a large Canadian Lottery check!   Evelyn was the child traffickeetingg slave of Ms. Lynn possibly from Hati Island, or Waco, Texas.

Miss Betty approached Carl and tryed to rob him on Stella Link Street in the presence of Betty Williams(former manager of Forum Plaza Apts.)  Later on Miss Betty and Larry Donnel Carter took Evelyn Thompson on a fishing trip on I10 almost to Highway 6, drowned her.  Then Miss Betty got with a former prostitute calling herself Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull of the 180th Civil Court on Caroline street.                    
They got together and scamed a house stealing. The two friends planned to take Carl's home away from him because Betty claimed that he was hardly ever at home and he worked in Spring Branch, at the Pacesetter Personnel Services on Longpoint at Conrad Sauer Drive.      

 Since Carl kept asking the person where she came from, and how did she get there, she asked the judge for a 200 foot Peace Bond, while pretending to be the deceased church God mother named Evelyn Thompson in court.  Miss Betty says that she gave Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull  $55,000.00 for the 200 foot peace bond, while using the Identity of the deceased person,  Evelyn Thompson! 

 Then another woman took the Judges place at the end of the Peace Bond term, and saids that she is now Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull.  That is double, and triple illegality!!  She extended it to March 16, 2016.
Carl Byrd explained that the impersonator (Betty Abernathy had tried to rob him on Stella Link Street when he had first met her, and the fact that she had tried to shoot him down in cold blood the same day).  The Judge was a greedy person whom had tried to sell her body at the Carnegie Library in the men's restroom, yet Carl refused her, and she pledged war on him in front of Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy whom was there witnessing the whole event! Later Carl visited Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull to end this masquerade, and Leonard Nimoy was pronounced dead afterwards , therefore he could not testify against her in a higher court of law.  He may be in a witness protection location with the authorities!

Betty Abernathy below on left.                              Evelyn Thompson on right (deceased since 2010)
Even a blind man could see the difference of the two women, but money ($55,000.000) is what Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull Judge got for pretending to be blind of sight!!   Lynn & Carl Byrd used to live on the same street in the Brookhaven neighborhood called Niagara Street in Houston, Texas.  the Judge new Evelyn Thompson since 1964, yet she let Miss Betty carry on as if she was the deceased for a mere $55,000.00 in blood money!!  
Carl Byrd's other witness TV actrerss "Roseanne" could not be reached at this time.  I think that she better hide until the next higher court trial.     Roseanne ...Hide!!!!  The Attorney General identified Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull on live television revealing that he knew that she was harassing 2nd In Command:Carl K. Byrd, and he did nothing about it...therefore he resigned knowing that she illegally granted a false 200 foot peace bond to her negroe slave Betty Abernathy of Hati Island, and gave her Carl Byrd's house at 3909 Lowden Street in Houston, Texas in order for Betty to go into a U.S. women's prison, and both the judge & Betty would take over it from the inside just like Joel Olsten revealed on local TV August 16, 2015 Sunday
morning.  Joel even boasted that the U.S. government was afraid to send him to prison because his congregation would take over the prison from the inside and would capture & imprison every American citizen.  Joel and his brothers shot 2nd In Command in the leg with a Winchester rifle in order to go to prison in the 1980's yet the scam did not work...instead the Olsten brothers are being sued for $80,000,000.00 by 2nd In Command:Carl Kenneth Byrd.  They might not go to a U.S. prison, but they are going to pay!! Amen.  [They also attacked Marsh Burton the same day on Dockal Street off of North Wayside Drive.  The Olstens were ousted out of the Lakewood neighborhood by the community, and took refuge at the Summit on Highway 59 South in Houston, Texas
The above photo is the result of the distruction of the Evelyn Thompson House Thief Gang spearheaded by Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull or Ms. Whitaker. The home of Mrs. Estella Brown deceased wife of Navy Admiral James "Jim" Brown at 3909 Lowden is Street Carl Byrd's uncle. The house was ramshacked by the thieves looking for money, loot, and Navy corespondance!!
Below is the Ms. Whitaker Leave Me Alone story of how she seduced a young man and followed him around in life every since.  She's a witch!! Click or double click on the red tipped pen below.  Amen.
Sir Carl Kenneth Byrd the United States number one songwriter wrote a three trillion dollar song book in 1984
Carl Byrd won the Canadian Lottery and Regis Philman pulled a 22 caliber pistol on him for it!  Click on the red tiped pen below to read up on the story.
Click on the red tipped pen to see the Ms. Whitaker story!
Read the Regis Philbin armed robbery of Carl Kenneth Byrd (2nd In Command) aboard a Metro bus in downtown Houston, Texas in broad daylight with Ms. Connie Chung!
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Pacesetter Personnel Service employees kept quiet on a pick-pocket theft of Carl Byrd's RCA 7" Electronic tablet.  Click on the red tipped pen on the left to see the story
EDGAR  WINTER Group Featuring the song Frankenstien
Peter Frampton performing "Do You Feel Like We Do"
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1.Brandy singing "Have You Ever"
2.PeterFrampton Do you feel like we..
3.Edgar Winter presents Frankenstien  4.The Lynn Bradshaw-Hull slave gang!
5.Free Carl Byrd Songs for USB  flashdrive downloads!
6.Regis Philman armed robbery of Carl Byrd and Conie Chung.         7.Theft of Carl Byrd's RCA 7" Electronic Tablet at Pacesetter Personnel Service
$Million Dollar Birth Right Allotments
Meet Carl Byrd in court at Precint 7 on Griggs Rd to see the negroe illegal alien House Theft Gang that is operating in the Houston, Texas communities. Reginald, and Lona Lewis, plus Ray & Lydia Carter had planned an assasination there on October 20, 2016 !!!